Monday, January 11, 2021

Puppy Passion

Okay, is this a cuteness overload or what???

I've always shy'd away from sketching people and puppies.... there's something so personal about capturing "that" look, but I faced my fear this past summer and gave it a go!!  The first two or three I tried over and over again.  Pen and ink, watercolor, colored pencil and combinations of these mediums and .... I had so much fun!!  I've still got a way to go, but I am hooked!!

These two above I did for a friend, as a Christmas gift to her daughter and I must say I giggled the whole time I was working on them.  
"That face, those eyes".... I kept saying to myself.

But then just before Christmas, another friend asked if I did pet portraits so I showed her these and she asked if I would do one for her son-in-law whose precious companion "Parker" of 15 years crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" just a few weeks before Christmas.  Like the previous two, I kept saying to myself "That face, those eyes" but with such a different emotion, my heart was breaking.  

I love what I do!  
For me, it's so much more than doing a sketch of a house or a dog.  It's the memories, it's the hopes and dreams for the future, it's LOVE! 
Whether it's found in the walls of your home or in the eyes of our beloved furry friends, I am blessed beyond words to be able to share these things with you!  


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