Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends!

It seems like forever since I've shared a sampling of the sketches I've been working on, so I thought I'd drop a few of these in your in-box and the stories behind them!  

It's such a joy for me to capture the love of our homes and their memories on paper!  I wasn't surprised with the number of sketches requested this year as Christmas gifts as our home was where we spent most of our time in 2020!  Instead of sharing those that meant something to someone else, I thought I'd share these three that meant the most to me!


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Those of you that know me, know that I've spent more summers in Jackson Hole in the past 40 years than anyplace else.  It was my "home away from home."   It started with a 3-week time share my parents purchased in 1980 and grew and changed over the years to this full time residence of my brother, Chip and his wife Ginger for the past 10 years or so.  It was bittersweet that with the development of Chips ALS over the last few years that they would have to sell and move to Chattanooga so I decided to sketch this for them to "capture the memories."  I had planned to bring it to them when I travelled to Chattanooga in November to help them settle in their new home, but sadly Chip didn't make it that far.  He died at peace in the place he loved the most on Oct. 25th.  
I did bring the sketch with me when I visited Ginger and we all had a good cry and remembered the best of days in Jackson Hole.  This is the back of the house, facing the Teton mountains where there were countless parties on the patio.  Where the elk stampede through the yard on the way to the Elk Refuge in the winter and indeed... the buffalo roam!  A neighborhood favorite was fondly called "Old Bill" and delighted in stopping traffic to sign autographs!!  

Crawfordville, Florida

My other brother, Doug and his wife Jane live in this ranch styled home in the midst of the woods in Crawfordville, Florida.  The peace and tranquility shines though.  I did this sketch for them and since they had recently painted this pretty blue, I thought it would be nice to add some color for the house, and highlight the landscaping that surrounds.  This has been their refuge during the pandemic and I am so happy I could sketch it for them to remember the blessings of home!

Manzanita, Oregon

On a different note, my daughter Katie and her husband live in a 3 story condo in Seattle and both work from home.   So.... it's great when good friends have a "getaway" place in Manzanita, Oregon just a block away from the Pacific Coast.  They met up with their friends, and their combined three Golden Retrievers for some much needed time for friends and fresh air!   I did this sketch as a thank you gift for them to give to their friends during their most recent get-together over New Years.

2020 will be written in the history books.... what's your story??

Coming up next time.... I have found a new love in the art department!

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