Monday, January 28, 2019

South Memorial Christian Church in San Antonio

Last month I posted on social media 12 of the favorite churches I've sketched over the years for Christmas!  From the Grand Cathedrals in Europe to Log Cabin Chapels in the mountains, each with its own charm and beauty.  
Beauty on the outside is one thing, but I don't believe a church is judged by it's spires and buttresses, or the number of members in attendance.  It's the hearts of the people inside that give a church significance and make a difference in this world.  

This small church in San Antonio opened it's doors to my son-in-law during a difficult time in life and said "Come in, we will take care of you" expecting nothing in return... that's what church is.  Thank you to South Memorial Christian Church for making a difference in one families life back in 2008.   Your love and generosity is not forgotten.  

Monday, January 21, 2019

Craggy Pinnacle

Craggy Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge Parkway is just northeast of Asheville NC and one of the most spectacular views of the Smokey Mountains.   After a short hike through a forest of twisted birch trees, you come out to a terrace with a 360 degree view of the mountains.  This is the spot that my brother, Doug proposed to his wife Jane, in 2001!  I took these photo's 5 years ago with the hopes that one day I would do this sketch for them....and finally this year, I did! 



Monday, January 14, 2019

A Family Tradition!

One of the best things about sketching is getting to know my clients and the stories that go with the homes I have sketched.  Over the past year or so, I've had the pleasure to work for Judy and Rob!  I have sketched all the homes that they have lived in from their first home in Sugar Land to their Hill Country retreat in Fredericksburg.  (see my posts from this past October!)  I've heard stories of holidays, basketball hoops and raising their daughters.  Now, their daughters are grown and have homes of their own so it was especially fun to do these sketches for them for Christmas presents this year!!  

Monday, January 7, 2019

Burs Kyrka, Gotland, Sweden

This past July, I spent 10 days in Sweden with my daughter and new grandson!  We enjoyed a full week on the island of Gotland exploring ancient ruins, Viking burial grounds and the old walled city of Visby.   Scattered across the countryside were dozens (93 still remaining) of ancient churches built primarily in the 13th Century.  

This one, just walking distance from where we were staying in the community of Burs, was my sketch for this years Christmas Card.  The steeples of each church are strategically spaced on the island so that from any place you  may be, you can see a steeple to help you find your way.  For me, the same is true today... if I'm feeling lost or confused about which direction I need to go, if I look for the steeple, I will find my way.   

Thank you all for following my blog posts... I've been a bit sporadic this past year when "life" got a bit crazy, but am excited for some new opportunities and trying out some new artsy ideas with you in 2019! 

Wishing all of you a Happy and Blessed New Year!