Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Alabama Colonial

Since I've been working on "Christmas surprises" lately, I don't have anything new to post this week, so I will bring back one of my favorites.   I did this for Sally a few years ago.  This was her family homestead going back several generations in Alabama.  Looking at it again, kind of makes me want to make a Mint Julep and sit on the porch!! 

You can see the original photo that I worked from on my "Get in Touch" page on my website.  It's an old sepia photograph and if you look closely you can even see the old car, I think a Model T off to the left side. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Honoring our Veterans

In 2012, I was honored to be able to do this sketch for the son of Karen Wright, a disabled vet.  This house, located in Creekside Village of The Woodlands, was built for him by the Texas Sentinels Foundation.  

Today, on Veteran's Day, we honor and say Thank You to all of our veterans for giving of their lives and for their service to our country.  

God Bless the USA!!

Karen was kind enough to write these words as shared on the "community" page of my website...

"My son is a disabled veteran was blessed with being given a home in The Woodlands.  To add to this blessing, Barbara offered her spectacular talent at a silent auction to assist in gathering the funds to build this new home.  When the home was completed, Barbara came by, took pictures and drew a beautiful rendering of my son's home.  It is a true art piece and has been placed in my son's office.  My son and his wife appreciate this piece of art and it was a fantastic "welcome to your new home" gift."       

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nussmeier family home

Happy Birthday to Bob!  

This is Bob's family home in Hope, Indiana.   His wife, Katie asked me to do this sketch as a surprise for his 60th birthday!  

This classic colonial home was built in 1833 and purchased by Bob's grandfather in 1936, and after passing through several generations it remains in the family still today.  It was made from bricks that were baked in the kiln on the property to form exterior walls, 15 inches thick, and it was one of the first homes in Bartholomew County to have electricity and modern plumbing.  Bob and his sister, Nancy (the current owner) fondly remember climbing the maple tree in the circular drive when they were kids!  

For another historic home, 
see my post from 4/28 of my first home in Geneva NY