Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cedar Creek Lake House

There's just something about rocking chairs on a porch that lures me in!!   It makes me want to grab a good book and park it for an hour, or two, or the whole day!!  

This home on Cedar Creek Lake brings about just that feeling!   This is actually the back of the house, facing the lake.  It's hard to imagine a better place to enjoy life!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Matagorda Bay Sunset

This was a switch from my norm... instead of sketching the view OF the house, I did the view FROM the house!  

This Bay House is the home of my clients fiancĂ© ... they got engaged at the end of the pier watching the sun set... one of their favorite pastimes, can you see their silhouettes?
I was happy to commemorate this special occasion for them with this sketch and wish them the very best in their lifetime together!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Empty Nesting

We raise our kids... celebrate birthdays and graduations and then they're gone making lives of their own, it happens so fast!  We are left with a big empty house full of memories.  

That's the story for my clients in The Woodlands, whose beautiful home, where they've enjoyed making those memories since 1996, is for sale as they "right-size" (not down-size) for the next chapter of their life!   It was my pleasure to sketch this house, that will be framed and enjoyed in their new home!!  

So here's to Life!!   
To moving on and making new memories in new places!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Congratulations to Lauren and Christian!

My husband and I were thrilled to attend the wedding last month of his nephew Christian, and his beautiful bride Lauren.   They were married at The Monastery in Cincinnati, Ohio!  I had never been to Ohio before and loved this historic city, it's active waterfront of parks and ballfields, old historic churches and of course spending time with our family!!   

"The Monastery" was originally built as an observatory in 1843, it eventually closed (due to air pollution, even then!) and was leased to the Catholic Church to serve as the Holy Cross Monastery and Church from 1873 until 1977.   After sitting empty for nearly three decades, it was purchased and remodeled, opening as this beautiful event venue just last year.  Oh, if walls could talk!!

I hope that his sketch, will serve as a reminder of their special day and beginning of their new life together!  

Best wishes to Lauren and Christian 
for a happy and joyous life!