Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Brenda & Jeff!

About ten years ago during my Interior Designer days, I worked with my clients, Brenda and Jeff,  to remodel their kitchen and get settled into their new home in The Woodlands.  Being in the oil business, they had lived all over the world, and were happy to finally make some roots near family, and very much hoping to stay awhile!   Now, to commemorate this house as the longest house they've ever lived in, and celebrating their 41st wedding  anniversary, they asked me to do this sketch of it for them!  

The added bonus for me was that we became great friends then and still are!  Happy Anniversary!

**I'm going on vacation!!**
So, I won't be posting anything new here for the next couple of weeks, however I will post some "poolside sketching" and photo's of lovely Cabo San Jose on Instagram...
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adios amigos!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A rainy day's work!

A Rainy Day
+ "Broadway Showstoppers" on Pandora 
+ A blank wall for a good cause 
+ my paint supplies
 A perfect day!

I was so happy to paint this mural (5' x11') for the BridgeWay Youth Shelter for Montgomery County Youth Services.  The Leadership Montgomery County Class of 2016 chose the renovation of these homes, and the creation of interactive programming of kids as their class project.    The new residents of this home will write their names on each of the leaves as they make "roots" in their new home!

For more information on both of these great organizations  please visit their websites at:

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Brownstone's in The Woodlands

After several months away from pen and ink sketches of homes, it felt good to be back!  

The Brownstone's in Town Center are one of my favorite neighborhoods in The Woodlands.  I love the urban look mixed into all of the "natural" settings of this area.   This one is #4 in a series of seven of the homes the Coll family have lived in over the years.   

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Montgomery County United Way

I was so happy to be able to contribute to this occasion by sketching the Montgomery County United Way building, here in The Woodlands.  

Montgomery County United Way gives special recognition to Board of Directors Chair Christi Thoms-Knox with CB&I: To honor her dedication, leadership and commitment during her tenure as board chair, Nicole Robinson Gauthier presented Christi with a certificate of appreciation along with an original rendering of the United Way building, drawn by local artist Barbara McGregor with Accents in Art. We sincerely appreciate the great work and time commitment Christi and the other board members have put forth this year!