Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Schneider Homes - Louisiana and Houston - post 1/3

Houston, Texas 1988 - 1990

Mandeville, Louisiana  1990 - 1993

I love seeing the progression of my client’s homes over the years… and especially enjoyed doing a series of six for Kathy and Allan Schneider of The Woodlands, TX.  These were their first two homes, one in Houston, TX and the other when they lived in Mandeville, Louisiana. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There really is no place like Home!

Last weeks post “There’s no place like home” got me to thinking that there’s really no place better… and this is mine!  One of the reasons I enjoy doing home sketches for my clients is the warm feelings and memories that go with their special places.  My husband and I have been building beautiful memories here for the last five years. 

I sketched this not long after we moved in and I couldn’t help but notice how the landscaping has changed and matured in such a short time and so has my sketching! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yard art that says "there's no place like home!"

Did you ever wish you could click your heels together and make a wish?  
I'd wish for these 100+ degree days in Texas to go away!  
But, here we are so let's make the best of it with some yard art!  

I painted this wheelbarrow as an auction item for the Habitat for Humanity Gala 2014... with the Wizard of Oz theme of "There's no place like Home!"  It was filled with a couple of dozen bottles of wine too!  So if this colorful wheelbarrow doesn't make it more fun to do the yard work, then at least you have a good party!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Marlow UK

I love old churches, and when they are historic and charming, well... that's an added bonus!  So, when I was asked to sketch St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Marlow, U.K.  I was thrilled.  To make it even more special, it will be the setting for my clients wedding this fall and my sketch was to be used for their Save The Date!  

This small gothic church, located on the River Thames, about 35 miles west of London, was built in 1845.   
Ahhhh, if walls could talk!!

No wedding crashers, please!!!

The history of St. Peter's Parish, Marlow and it's two Churches (old and new) mirrors the story of the revival of Catholicism in England between the first half of the nineteenth century and the present time.  To read more visit their website at: