The Honors Course Golf Club - Chattanooga, Tennessee
"When challenged with trying to find a gift for a friend who "has it all" we asked Barbara to draw a rendering of a golf club that is among his most treasured places. 
 "Simply priceless" is the best way that I can describe the product we were presented with.  
We love it, our friend loved it, and we couldn't have asked for any more.”    

John Masley

After researching this church my husband and I stumbled across on vacation, I found that this is where President and Mrs. Bush attended church during their Kennebunkport retreats as well as several family weddings.  So, I gave this sketch to them as a thank you for their many years service to our country.  In response, I received a lovely thank you note that included this:

“We love the sketch.  
St. Ann’s is a big part of our lives, and our children’s and their children’s. 
Thank you so very much.  It is hung already!!"   

Barbara Bush

Home in The Woodlands, Texas

"I recently commissioned Barbara McGregor to create a series of sketches of the many homes our family has lived in over the past 20 years. Barbara did a wonderful job recreating each one in unique and full detail, creating perfect keepsakes of memories past that our family will enjoy for decades to come."
Sarah Coll

Family Home in Austin, Texas

"Barbara is an artist with a talent for creating family heirlooms!  She puts a lot of love in her work and she captures the spirit of the homes she draws.  Her works are gorgeous and they make a terrific gift.  

As a Realtor, it can be challenging to think of a creative and thoughtful closing gift for my clients.  Barbara’s works are certainly creative and they quickly become a favorite piece in the homes of my clients."

Jeff Nazzaro, Keller Williams Realty

Sheepadoodle - age 3 months

"Barbara perfectly captured my pups sweet faces and personalities in her art.  It was my favorite Christmas present and I will hang it in my house forever!"

Julie Smith