Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yellowstone National Park

Happy 100th Birthday to the National Park Service!!

It seemed fitting that my first watercolor for the National Park series would be of our first National Park!!

Yellowstone National Park was established in1872, before the states that now surround it became part of the Union.  Covering just under 3500 square miles, it's one of the biggest parks in the USA.  I read that if you drive on every road in the park, you'll only cover 1%!  My daughter Katie and I visited there just a few weeks ago and as always I am just blown away by the sheer beauty of this park, each quadrant different from the next.  Forests, plains and canyons and then theres the awe and wonder of the thermal activity: geysers, mud pots and hot springs that pop up in the most unusual places. Not to mention the waterfalls!!   It is all so varied and magnificent.  God's handiwork is everywhere!

This sketch is one of the iconic views of the Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  It was considered THE Grand Canyon, until another one in Arizona became a park in 1919!  It is actually an ancient geyser basin, and over millennia the hot water and chemical weakened the bedrock changing the shape and colors to what you see today.

To learn more about Yellowstone National Park visit:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Austin Family Home

One of the things I love most about home sketching, is learning the stories that go with them... what makes this house, a's history and the memories.   This story in particular really touched my heart.

My client, an Austin Realtor wanted a very special closing gift for her very special client who was now selling this home for her parents who had recently passed away.  Their home was built in 1959 and her parents had lived there for a half century, something unheard of these days... and it was where she and her brother had both grown up.  My heart just melts when I imagine all the memories she had there and the emotions she must have felt.  

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to be a part of giving them this keepsake to help them remember and treasure their past. 

Thank you Liz Zepeda of North Pier Realty in Austin for reaching out to me.  It truly was my pleasure!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Family Tree

I was thrilled to do this new project for my client 
as a gift for her parents 60th Anniversary!

I am all about families and love that each one is unique... always growing and changing with the "seasons of life!"   This one even leaves room for some grand-kids to add a spouse and lots and lots of great-grand babies!!  What could be better than that?

Consider one for your family or for an upcoming special occasion.  Each one can be customized to fit your families distinctive needs  with it's one-of-a-kind design drawn specifically to illustrate your unique family tree! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our National Parks

Each year, I take a mother - daughter trip with one of my girls.  More often than not we tend to end up in a National Park!  

Last year, Sarah and I took a three day rafting trip down the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon.  You can see more about that trip on my blog: www.mythird.act - July 2015. 

Tomorrow, my daughter Katie and I will be traveling to The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.  If you follow accentsinart on Instagram, I'll be sharing this magnificent area of our country there.  Yellowstone was our first National Park, founded in 1872.  Currently there are 59 Parks and I have been fortunate to visit 15 of them... so far!  

Our National Park Service is celebrating it's 100th anniversary on August 25th, to commemorate that special occasion, I am going to be doing a series of watercolors of some of my and YOUR favorite scenes in our National Parks.  If you have a digital photo of your favorite place in a National Park, send it to me at and tell me why it has a special memory for you! 
Who knows what might happen, you may see it here!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Coll Family home in Mandeville

Number six in a series of seven for the Coll Family!  
This home is located in Mandeville, Louisiana where they lived from 1993-1996 and their second son was born.

  Once again, I sketched this home to the likeness it was when they lived there. When I recall the homes I've lived in over the years, each one holds special memories for me.   I travel back in time ... and I can still imagine those little toddler hands curling over the top of the dining room table at my home in Virginia.  I remember when dozens of little Girl Scouts enjoyed a slumber party on Doliver Drive and the excitement of prom night on Tanager Trail.  I re-live the parties and Christmas mornings with friends and family on Shearwater Place, and even now when I look at the house I currently live in, I imagine me at the front window and think of how I like to stare down the street in anticipation, when my kids are coming home for a visit!  

It's not just the exterior walls and landscaping, or the doors and windows that I sketch ... it's picturing the life that goes on inside and that's what warms my heart!  

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Coll Family home in Lake Charles

I love when I get to do a series of homes that my clients have lived in!  This one, in Lake Charles, Louisiana is the 5th in a series of 7 that the Coll family lived in.   It was actually their first house as newlyweds and they called it "home"  from 1991-1992.  

For my sketch I worked from several of their old photo's as well as the current "google street view!"   So much has changed since they lived there, even the street name!  But of course we re-constructed their memories with the tall pines and pre-shuttered windows as they remember it!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

House warming gift for a new homeowner!

One of my favorite times to sketch a home is when it is going to be a gift for a new homeowner.   This one is in a brand new neighborhood in The Woodlands,  Creekside Village.  I don't know if it's a "first home" for this couple, or just one in their life's history, but I hope it will be filled with many special memories in the years to come!