Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Salt Remedy

I put aside my pen & ink and watercolors this past week to do some murals for a new business in our community... Salt Remedy!  A natural approach, combined with thousands of years of the health benefits of salt,  bring relief to those that suffer from asthma, allergies, skin conditions and stress!  

"Salt Remedy" offers four different therapy rooms to fit your specific needs.  One room is a a private retreat, while the other three are for individuals or groups!  These three rooms are where I spent my time painting!
"Life" - 14' + 6' x 9'

The kids room , called "Life" offers a Himalayan Sea Salt Beach for kids to play in during their therapy sessions.  This bright and colorful beach scene will take you there!

"Salt"- 17' x 9'
The Group therapy room, called "Salt" is for adults... time for quiet meditation or reading in a relaxing, spa-like environment.  Just breathe and let the salt do it's cleansing work.  With only ambient lighting, you can drift away as you stare into the mountain scene beyond the Himalayan salt brick wall.

"Breathe" 12' x 9'

The Multi Purpose Room, "Breathe" is just that... imagine a place for your yoga class, or book club meeting to discuss the latest best seller.  This is the place to grab your friends and reserve this room  for a healthy and unique experience! 

Visit their website to learn more!

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