Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Coll family home with a photo bomb!

I have loved doing these sketches for the Coll Family.  This is their house in McKinney, TX where they lived in 1996-97 and the 6th in my series of the homes they've lived in over the years.  

Like many clients, we have become Facebook Friends and I have gotten to know the family via photo's on social media.  Mario, their oldest of three sons is now an Aggie, all grown up, a good looking grad student with a bright future...  but about half way thru my sketch, after being so focused on the architectural details of the house did I see little Mario, just 3 years old, all bundled up and peeking out from behind the tree while mom took a picture of the house on a rare Texas snowy day .... and my heart smiled! 

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