Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Another "blast from the past" as I get ready to hop on another plane!  Today, I've got a one-way ticket to Florida, where I'll help my mom and dad with the last of the packing details before the movers come on Friday and we drive "home" to The Woodlands!  I'm am beyond happy to welcome them to my town, but also a bit nostalgic about leaving the city I grew up in.   I can only imagine how they feel after 60 years of raising kids, a successful career in business and community and so many happy memories with so many friends in St. Pete.  

After leaving upstate New York in 1956, with a u-haul, 3 kids and a lot of faith for a bright future, this was our first house in St. Pete.   I lived here from the time I was two until five years old.  

"And where we love is Home.  
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts....
the chain may lengthen but it never parts."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. -

Cheers to "new beginnings" for my Mom and Dad!

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