Saturday, March 2, 2019

Upcoming Lenten Series begins this week

This Wednesday, we begin our season of Lent.  A time for reflection and renewal, and a time to focus on our relationship with Christ, our Savior.  

Now more than ever, I personally feel the need to reconnect, and go deeper in my commitment to Christian living.  In the busy-ness of life, I considered skipping these posts this year, with my excuse of  "to-do" lists and urgency of the day.... but that still quiet voice in me, urged me to continue and pour out, not just my art in watercolors and pen and ink, but my faith in the words I write and the scriptures that speak to me.  I hope they'll speak to you too!  

Beginning this week, on Ash Wednesday, I will post my 4th Lenten Series on my blog, and I hope you'll share them with others.  I'm repeating a few favorites from years past but most are brand new.   If you aren't already receiving them, please go to and sign up to receive the e-mails direct to your inbox.   

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