Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hello Hazel!

Say Hello to Hazel!

What a sweet pup she was to sketch.  Hazel is a therapy dog, and my guess is, she runs the show at her office!  But...those eyes, they are the windows to the soul.  I have really loved doing Pet Portraits, this is my 5th.  I've shy'd away from doing them for years because of the eyes mostly.  Their personality is all in the eyes and if you miss "that look" you've missed entirely.  I haven't met Hazel personally, but I feel we've connected!

I've sure enjoyed choosing my own material to sketch:  churches, monuments, missions, etc but my true love in art is doing the custom homes and pet portraits....the things we love the most!  I have a few commissioned home sketches in the works for Fathers Day gifts, so I can't share them yet, but stay tuned.. 


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