Monday, April 19, 2021

Gifts for Graduates

Ok, sooo I promise
not to continue pitching my new
Etsy site in every blog-post, but I am pretty excited about 
this new adventure in my art!
So I just can't 
help myself!

There are so many reasons to be sad about what our lives were like in 2020, but the one that always tears up my heart is the kids.  What they missed in what should be "the best years of their life!"  Football games, Senior Prom, Graduation...   

This year, things are looking a little bit brighter, at least here in Texas, so I wanted to do something to commemorate this occasion for them.  I sketched these five schools and have in stock a whole lot of prints, that I've offered for sale on Etsy at a very reasonable price.  

Check it out at 
 "Gifts for Graduates" and please share this with friends that might be interested!
And for the next 5 weeks on Instagram and Facebook ( I'm offering a Giveaway for those that enter!

University of Texas - College Park High School - The Woodlands High School
Texas A&M University  -  Baylor University

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