Thursday, December 17, 2020


 St. Mark's Mission
Nenana, Alaska

Last year my husband I enjoyed a "bucket list" trip... an Alaskan Cruise with a land excursion to Denali National Park.  I read Michener's "Alaska" (all 1156 pages!) in preparation and loved knowing the history and background behind the areas we were going to visit.  

As with most trips, I had my eye out for THE church that will be sketched for the Christmas Card.   I did my homework and was prepared to choose the historical St. Michaels Cathedral in Sitka.  I took a zillion photo's from every angle.  Done!  Then, about a week later, while on the land excursion we literally made a "pit stop" in Nenana and across the little road from the rest area / gift shop I saw this log cabin church and it captured my heart.  

The moral of the story... our days and weeks can be planned and scheduled, but it's the unexpected joys that fill my heart and create the lasting memories.   With just a week left before Christmas... slow down and open your eyes to the unexpected joy surrounding you!

A little more about this church:
The St Marks Episcopal Church was established in 1907 serving the native population.  It was a mission, a schoolhouse, a hospital and church.  Due to river erosion and a new Railroad, it was moved to its present location in 1955. 

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