Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Journey Home

One of the things I love the most about this "job" of mine, is being able to donate my time and talents to other organizations.  A "friend of a friend" introduced me to Billie Beasley, and immediately I wanted to help her make her dream become a reality.

She wanted to offer women a warm and safe environment for them to live while pregnant or caring for their new baby when they had no place else to turn.  A much needed alternative in today's society.  We first met last summer, and at that time the dream was just starting to take root.  Now, I'm thrilled to say they have a home with open doors for those in need.  As you can imagine they still have many needs... from fundraising to furniture.  I hope you'll visit their website or Facebook page and find out more about how you can help.


"Journey Home is a Christ-centered non-profit Maternity Home existing to encourage and empower the women that walk through their doors to live the lives God intended for them to live."


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