Monday, January 28, 2019

South Memorial Christian Church in San Antonio

Last month I posted on social media 12 of the favorite churches I've sketched over the years for Christmas!  From the Grand Cathedrals in Europe to Log Cabin Chapels in the mountains, each with its own charm and beauty.  
Beauty on the outside is one thing, but I don't believe a church is judged by it's spires and buttresses, or the number of members in attendance.  It's the hearts of the people inside that give a church significance and make a difference in this world.  

This small church in San Antonio opened it's doors to my son-in-law during a difficult time in life and said "Come in, we will take care of you" expecting nothing in return... that's what church is.  Thank you to South Memorial Christian Church for making a difference in one families life back in 2008.   Your love and generosity is not forgotten.  

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