Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy 70th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!! - A Family Tree

Happy 70th Anniversary 
to my Mom and Dad

Wow, what a milestone this is!!  
My parents, married on April 26th, 1947.   
Let's put that into perspective:

A gallon of gas was just 21 cents, a stamp only 3 cents
The average salary for an individual was $3,150
the stock market was at 177
And my favorite...head of 20th Century Fox Movies and television critic was quoted saying "TV won't hold the market for even 6 months, people will get tired of staring at a plywood box every night!"


    After living in Florida for 60 years, my parents moved to The Woodlands this past November.  I am so blessed to have them nearby!  For Christmas, I sketched our family tree for their new apartment and surrounded it with photo's of our whole family.

This Saturday we'll celebrate with an old fashion Texas BBQ with family and friends coming in from around the country!

Cheers to Mom and Dad!!!

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