Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Maine Homestead

Finally I get to share some of the fun projects I worked on for Christmas gifts!

I've known my friend Bob for about 20 years now and he has always talked about his family home in Maine!  When he asked me to do this sketch and sent me the photo's I was quite surprised.... not what I expected.  When asked if this was "the cottage in Maine" he had talked about he laughed and shared that No, it was owned by good friends, nearby!   I assumed it was an estate from days gone by, but it turned out it's relatively new.... here's what he had to say about this house!

"The house is actually about 10 years old. It is representative of the coastal "shingle style" homes you find in the northeast, and specifically in Maine. It sits on 6 acres of land on the eastern shore of Cousins Island off the town of Yarmouth Maine, 20 minutes north of Portland. Designed by Joe Waltman and built by Anastos and Nadeau. My family's summer cottages are right next to this property and as a kid I used to play on it as if we owned it. Many a tree fort was built here in my younger days! The views of Casco Bay from the bluestone patio are quite spectacular." 

Of course I was intrigued about his "cottage" so he shared some photo's and I couldn't help myself... clearly this home had to come to life through watercolor!  So I did it and I sent to him along with his commissioned work as a Christmas Surprise!!!   

Where would you prefer to live??

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