Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Coll Family home in Mandeville

Number six in a series of seven for the Coll Family!  
This home is located in Mandeville, Louisiana where they lived from 1993-1996 and their second son was born.

  Once again, I sketched this home to the likeness it was when they lived there. When I recall the homes I've lived in over the years, each one holds special memories for me.   I travel back in time ... and I can still imagine those little toddler hands curling over the top of the dining room table at my home in Virginia.  I remember when dozens of little Girl Scouts enjoyed a slumber party on Doliver Drive and the excitement of prom night on Tanager Trail.  I re-live the parties and Christmas mornings with friends and family on Shearwater Place, and even now when I look at the house I currently live in, I imagine me at the front window and think of how I like to stare down the street in anticipation, when my kids are coming home for a visit!  

It's not just the exterior walls and landscaping, or the doors and windows that I sketch ... it's picturing the life that goes on inside and that's what warms my heart!  

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