Tuesday, January 12, 2016

200 William Street in Geneva, NY

This was my parents first home in Upstate New York after they were married in 1947.  This April they will celebrate their 69th Anniversary!  

A little history... It was built in 1875.  My dad bought it under the GI Bill of Rights after WWII for $100 down and a mortgage of $6400!!  As a "multi-family" home, they rented out the upstairs for extra income.

They started married life with almost no furniture. They covered orange crates with fabric for end tables, exchanged wedding presents for a card table and four chairs that doubled (tripled!) as a dining table, work table and baby changing station! They had an "ice-box" for refrigeration... the ice man delivered the ice, and there was a hole under the ice-box in the floor so that the melting ice would drain into a bucket in the cellar!  Life was quite different back then!

My mom and dad lived there until I was born in 1954.  When my mom was in the hospital with me, my dad moved the family household and my two brothers to our next home on Packwood Road.

You can take a look at that home sketch and its interesting history on my previous post dated 4/8/15.

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